iSaksham Deepak Tripathi

Deepak Tripathi

Product Head


Deepak is a Petroleum Engineer by profession in Weatherford. He is currently working on Digital Oilfield project of ADNOC and living in Abu Dhabi with his loving wife Alankrita Pathak

He loves to volunteer as a teacher and mentor. This started in college when he volunteered to teach children living in the slums. Afterwards, he started mentoring other students right after graduation and has helped and counseled many students to get into engineering and MBA programs. Currently, he is heading the website development of “iSAKSHAM” – an initiative by his college-senior Prabhat Saxena to provide easy access to digital education to slum children.


Deepak has a deep belief in community bondage. Since he relocated to Abu Dhabi, he has volunteered to take the lead on various fundraising events to support his college juniors’ health and education. These activities keep him socially active and nothing gives him more satisfaction than helping others and making a small change in their lives.

Education-wise, Deepak holds a dual degree in Petroleum Engineering and Petroleum Management from the Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad (IIT-ISM Dhanbad).

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Unknown